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The Great State of Texas does not require Roofing Contractors to have any special lisence or certification. Anyone can start a roofing business in Texas in less than 24 hours. So how do you know if the guy from Oklamhoma knocking on your door to give you a free roof inspection can be trusted? How do you know if any of the roofers put literature in your mailbox or on your door can be trusted?

Trusted Texas Roofers has put together a a list of roofers in the Great State of Texas. We are vetting roofers and checking BBB and looking at Google review. 

  • We only take sponsorship and features from Roofers with A rating or better from the BBB.
  • Roofers must maintane a 4.25 or better on Google Reviews
  • All of roofers must have a legitimate TX business license to get the Trusted TX Roofer logo. 
  • If you hire a roofer by filling out the Trusted TX Roofer contact form we will gaurantee the work and refund your deductable if a Trusted TX Roofer does not stand behind his work.* (this will only apply if you hire the roofer by filling out the contact form on our website - not if you hire the roofer directly)
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